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53. Mouth of Cantua Creek, CA area 1927-41

  • Country : USA
  • Region : California
  • City : not specified
  • City area : Mouth Of Cantua Creek Area
  • Start date: 2018-04-17 15:34:00
  • End date: 2018-04-24 16:00:00
  • Current bid : No active bids
  • Published: 02/01/2018
  • Modified: 04/17/2018

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Fixed buy it now price of $375 includes $75 shipping fee.

Official US Government Master Copper Map Etchings-Engravings plate(s) for the Mouth of Cantua Creek, CA quad area, scale 1:31,680 surveyed 1927-41. SE corner , 3622 N Lat and 12015 W Lon. Topo map. Engraved on 3 plate(s) of size(s) 17x21 in. , weight 37.5 pounds. Plates are in generally good to excellent condition and in original packaging as received from US Government warehouse. Being sold in "as is" condition, some may be dirty, tarnished, scratched or have ink on them.

Please Note: the images of the copper engraving plates dispayed in this listing are intended as representitive samples only and may not be the actual auction listing. The paper map image shown in the auction listing photos represents the period government map produced from these engravings. No paper maps are included in this auction lot but are available for download from the USGS.

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This is an auction site for historic US Government produced Copper Plate Map Engravings, owned by Ben Benson Collection LLC.